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MASTER OF SCIENCE IN Advanced Quantum Physics



Degree Conferred

Master of Science (MSc)

Double Diploma from KNRTU-KAI and  Kaiserslautern University of Technology

Entry Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Physics

English level of A1/A2

Language of Instruction


Terms of Study

2 years (4 semesters)

1st and 2nd semesters – at KNRTU-KAI

3rd semester – at Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Germany

4th semester – at Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Germany or  KNRTU-KAI

Study fee

Russian citizens (budget students) - free of charge

CIS countries students pay only part of the cost of German education (the Russian part of education is free) - 1,250 EUR per year

VISA countries students pay the full study fee - 2,500 EUR per year

Contact Persons

KNRTU-KAI, Russia - Dr. Moiseev (samoiseev@kai.ru)


Curriculum (in English and Russian)

Module Handbook (in English and Russian)


Module Quantum Technologies: Quantum physics has already become reality in various technological applications, others will follow. This module will convey the basics of quantum technology, the enabling technologies including, for example, quantum optics and photonics. We are convinced that you lear technologies by applying them. Therefore this module is closely linked to our advanced laboratory courses. 

Module Many-Body Quantum Systems: In the quantum world, a many-body system is much more than just the sum of its constitutents. This is a consequence of quantum correlations rendering quantum systems so special. This module will provide the necessary theoretical background as well as experimental examples to describe and understand the fascinating properties of quantum many-body systems. 

Module Laboratory Courses: The step from theoretical understanding to realization of quantum phenomena in cutting edge research is a big step. Our advanced laboratory course will give you the chance to get used to state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in, e.g., quantum optics and photonics. In one- or two-week projects the fundamental methods and techniques of data acquisition, analysis and interpretation are practised so that you can later excel in your own research project. 

Modules Research and Master's Thesis: You want to solve you own quantum problem, see quantum phenomena emerge that nobody has seen before? The research module and Master's thesis will let you join one of our leading theoretical and experimental groups and pursue your research topic under close supervision and in the world-wide network of quantum reearchers.