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Founder and President: Ivan Goskov

Qualified, results-oriented certified engineer with more than 10 years of broad range experience in IT & telecommunications field. Experienced in IT/Telecom OSS/BSS, SDN/VNF, Mobile RAN and Core engineering.

2008 Kazan, Kazan State Technical University. Bachelor's degree on  Wireless Communications

2016 Germany, Technische Universitat Ilmenau. Master of Science Communications and Signal Processing

Research Interests: Wireless Networks, System Analysis, Business Analysis


The goal of Association

To unite Alumni via existing platforms, using existing methods and make it best for ages.


GAA is aimed at

  1. Increasing the value of alumni engineers for the industry;
  2. Increasing alumni’s perception of business;
  3. Preparing alumni for management positions.

Keeping alumni’s loyalty to GRIAT Alumni Association developed an elaborate system of Alumni networking, to launch efficient PR campaigns, to arrange social events, to hold annual alumni’s reunions.




GAA’s main functions include

  1. Creating an image of technically advanced and socially active alumni;
  2. Popularization of science;
  3. Growing up partnerships with industry;
  4. Implementation loyalty programs.



GRIAT Alumni Association headquarters locating in GRIAT building on Chetaeva 18, office 513.