Анкета абитуриента ГРИНТ Анкета абитуриента ГРИНТ

Welcome to the GRIAT application portal!

Please fill out the steps in the English language (and in Russian where applicable). You can submit each step separately. In case of any upcoming questions feel free to contact us via info@griat.kai.ru.


*** The first and last (patronymic if applicable) name should be spelled the same way as in the passport/visa. BUT if your first and last names in passport and visa are different, spell the first and last names the same way as in your visa



***Please write the best and worst possible mark that is given within your education system. (e.g. Russia: Best Mark: 5; Worst Mark: 1 / Germany: Best Mark: 1; Worst Mark: 5)

Work Experience



Language Skills


  • A1 - Beginner;
  • A2 - Elementary English;
  • B1 - Intermediate English;
  • B2 - Upper-Intermediate English;
  • C1 - Advanced English;
  • C2 - Proficiency English

(Please, see Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and provide the link that takes to a pdf. Which has explanations in 40 different languages: European Framework)

What MSc program you want to choose at GRIAT?

  1. Level of Education: MSc
  2. Form of Education: full-time
  3. Tuition: Budget (only RF and CIS)/Contract (all)

***Click here to see MSc program descriptions.


Please upload your scan of the passport, your transcript of records and if you have additional documents please upload them as well (max 20 MB for all files - If the size of your files are bigger please upload and submit them seperately; PDF preferably).

Main Documents

Additional Documents

Please upload other relevant documents like: projects, honours and awards, memberships, references/credentials, certifications, testimonial of employment or work placement, …’