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Гильмутдинов Альберт Харисович


Albert Gilmutdinov,

Founding president, Rector of KNRTU-KAI

Doctor in Physics and Mathematics

International Atomic Spectroscopy Award “For Significant Contribution to Atomic Spectroscopy” (1995)

Medal and International Johannes Marcus Marci Award “For the Most  Significant Contribution to Spectroscopy Development” (1998)

Honored Worker of Science of Tatarstan Republic (2007)

Professor Emeritus of Wuhan University (China, 2007)

State Award of Tatarstan Republic in Science and Engineering (2010)

Contacts: Ph. +7 (843) 238-41-10/ Fax +7 (843) 292-21-41


Peter Scharff


Prof. Peter Scharff,

Founding Vice-President,

Rector of TU Ilmenau

Contacts: Ph. +49 3677 69-5001/ Fax +49 3677 69-5009


Peter Scharff was born in March 15, 1957 in Braunlage, Germany. Prof. Dr. Scharff is a German professor of chemistry, and in 2004 he became rector of Ilmenau University of Technology (ger. Technische Universität Ilmenau).

He studied chemistry at the Clausthal University of Technology (ger. Technische Universität Clausthal). He defended his Ph.D. thesis in 1987 in the field of inorganic chemistry and in 1991 received the Ph.D. degree. After that he held the position of visiting professor at the University of Thorn, he was appointed as a part-time professor in 1996. In 1999 Prof. Scharff confirmed academic status of professor C4 in Chemistry at Ilmenau University of Technology. Between 2000 and 2004 he headed the Institute of Physic, before he became rector.

For his cooperation with the universities of Eastern Europe he received the honorary title of Professor from South Russian State Technical University in Novocherkassk (rus. Государственный Технический Университет Южной России) and also became an honorary doctor of Moscow Power Engineering Institute of Moscow State University in 2007.

Since September 2014 he is founding vice-president of GRIAT and manages together with Prof. Dr. Albert Gilmutdinov the work of the institute. Prof. Dr. Scharff  is working in Ilmenau University of Technology, but also visits Kazan with new ideas and projects. He is also one of the professors of the Master’s program "Chemical and Energy Engineering". 

Jens Strackeljan


Prof. Jens Strackeljan

Founding Vice-President

Rector of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

 Contacts: jens.strackeljan@ovgu.de; rektor@ovgu.de 

Professor, Chair Technical Dynamics, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Winner in German Competition Innovation in Medical System “Controlled Ultrasonic device “

 Honorary Doctorate Technical University Kiew

Main Research topics:

 Linear and non-linear rotor dynamics, internal damping, multi-body systems

Fault detection in rotating systems, e.g. roller bearings

Vibration and Condition monitoring

 Design and structure optimisation using soft-computing methods (nature inspired approach)

 Medical engineering: dental devices, sensor - actuator combination and FEM modelling of piezo ceramics, dental drills 


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees from Tatarstan and Russian side includes:

  1. Dr. Albert Karimov - Board of Trustees chair
  2. Prof. Albert Gilmutdinov - Rector of KNRTU-KAI
  3. Dr. Alsu Gilmetdinvoa - GRIAT Russian Director
  4. Mr. Victor Diachkov - General Director of JSC "ICL-GDC" in Kazan
  5. Mr. Ilshat Fardiev - General Director of JSC "Setevaja Company"
  6. Mr. Yurij Gerasimov - First Deputy General Director of JSC "KAMAZ"

Members of the Board of Trustees from German side are:

  1. Prof. Peter Scharff - Rector of Ilmenau University of Technology
  2. Prof. Jens Strackeljan - Rector of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
  3. Stefan Bienefeld - DAAD, Head of TNE Programs
  4. Dr. Christian Hartmann - GRIAT German Director
  5. Mr. Michael Dobis - Head of the Department of Economy and Science of the Embassy of Germany in the Russian Federation
  6. Dr. Martin Gitsels - Regional President of Siemens in Russia, Vice-President of Siemens AG Russia
  7. Dr. Jörn Achterberg - DFG Director International Affairs

The main task of the Board of Trustees is any assistance and welfare of the activities of the institute in its scientific, educational, methodical and educational part.