Cinema week 2018

Dear friends,

We are excited to invite you to one of the first highlights of 2018: our “German Movie Festival”, taking place January 18-21.

Enjoy seven movies – documentary, as well as fictional – covering a broad range of recent and historic topics that closely portray Germany in the past and present. The selected movies show a vibrant German film-making landscape. They are works of successful directors such like Dominik Graf and Fatih Akin, who has just been awarded a Golden Globe for his latest movie. You will see great acting and find out about personal stories, which won’t leave you untouched. These movies invite you to challenge and expand your images and perceptions of people and life in Germany. Following each session, we provide the opportunity to have an open discussion, clarify questions, and share thoughts and comments.


Our thanks go to our partners for making this event possible, and we are especially grateful to the company Siemens and to "Mir" cinema for hosting the selected movies.

We’re sure, it’s going to be great. So see you soon in "Mir".

The entrance is free.

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Казань, кинотеатр «Мир», ул. Достоевского, д. 30



21-24 марта 2019 года, вход бесплатный





The Invisible Frame («Незримый кадр»)

Documentary (1988/2009)


18 January, 19:00

Tilda Swinton on the trail of the Berlin Wall. In 1988, Cynthia Veat and a young Tilda Swinton set off on a cinematic journey along the Berlin Wall in obscure territory. 21 years later, in June 2009, Veat and Swinton travel again along the line that once divided Berlin. In the poetic film "The Invisible Frame", they follow a diverse landscape, this time on both sides of the former Berlin Wall. 

Languages: English with Russian subtitles

Fack Ju Göhte («Зачётный препод»)

Comedy (2013)

19 January, 16:00

After 13 months in prison, rogue Zeki Müller searches for the trophy of his latest robbery raid and applies for a job as a school janitor because there is money buried under their new gymnasium
money. But Zeki gets a job as a substitute teacher; he has to deal with a naive intern and problem children who can't even spell 'Fuck you, Goethe' correctly. So the young man unwittingly starts a teaching career.

Languages: German with Russian subtitles



Die geliebten Schwestern («Возлюбленные сестры»)

Historical drama (2014)

19 January, 19:00

Over the course of an entire beautiful summer, two sisters fight for the love of the man they both love. Beautiful Caroline von Beulwitz is unhappy in her marriage, longing for love and life. Charlotte von Lengefeld, her shy sister, dreams of a spouse. They are inseparable, even when Friedrich Schiller enters the lives of both women...

Languages: German with Russian subtitles



Eltern («Родители»)

Comedy (2013)

20 января, 16:00

Christine and Konrad practice the 'modern family model': he stays at home and takes care of the children and the household, while she, as head doctor, earns money for the family. When Conrad receives an attractive offer to direct the theatre and feels that this is his second chance, serious problems arise in the management of the family: the two young daughters do not want to get used to the changed circumstances, and the nanny from Argentina proves totally untenable. Konrad's change of role from father "full-time" to director is harder than expected, and Christina, trying to torn between the operating room and the kitchen, is living on borrowed time. It is only when Conrad pulls the plug that it becomes apparent to everyone that something is about to change...

Languages: German with Russian subtitles


Der ganz große Traum («Моя заветная мечта»)

Drama, Sport (2011)

20 January, 19:00

1874 Konrad Koch gets a job at a Braunschweig school as an English teacher. He quickly realises that he must resort to an unconventional way of teaching if he wants to attract the attention of the boys. During his long stay in England, Koch is also introduced to the then unknown game of football in Germany along with the language.

Languages: German with English subtitles



Gegen die Wand («Головой об стену»)

Melodrama (2004)

21 January, 16:00

A young Turkish woman marries a compatriot in Hamburg in order to free herself from parental custody. Love gradually develops between the two of them. But he commits a murder and his wife returns to Istanbul. When the man is released from prison, he searches for his wife. But she chooses a new life.

Languages: German with Russian subtitles




Friedland («Фридланд»)

Documentary (2015)

21 January, 19:00

Never since the Second World War have there been so many refugees around the world fleeing war and conflict as there are today. For many who reach Germany, a new life begins with their arrival at Camp Friedland. The idyllic place in Lower Saxony has experienced many eras of displacement. In September 1945 the British military administration opened the camp.

Languages: German with Russian subtitles