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Welcome! Willkommen! Добро пожаловать! Bienvenue! Aloha!


So, now you are a GRIAT student! And after all the welcome events are over, you should carefully follow the info at the relevant dean’s offices and get a student card, mark books and other passes before you start with your studies.


Proceed with your studies. Always check the schedule at a dean’s office or with a GRIAT program supervisor – it might be altered sometimes! This is the month when your English classes start.  This is also the time when you can make you initial steps in terms of preparing for an academic semester abroad – at one of the selected partner-universities. If you want to study in Germany free of charge you can apply for the Tatarstan’s government scholarship “Algarysh” allocated for international training, retraining and internships of all RF citizens with the local registration in Tatarstan. So don’t forget to register at the web-site of the State Services of the Republic of Tatarstan in order to timely prepare and submit all the documents for the “Algarysh” grant @ https://uslugi.tatarstan.ru/.


Check that you have  a foreign passport and start making one if it’s not available at the Department for Migration Issues of Tatarstan Republic @ http://ufms.tatarstan.ru/. Apply for the Admission for studying from one of the selected German partner-universities: fill in an on-line application form at the official web-site of host universities and upload the following documents: a transcript of academic records, a copy of the Bachelor’s diploma translated into English and certified by academic supervisors and GRIAT executives, a CV, a language certificate (if available), a copy of one’s identity document/ passport.


This is the month when your examination session starts – make sure that you are ready for the term exams and pass them successfully! Then enjoy the wonderful New Year time and make the most of your holidays!


Submit an application for the “Algarysh” grant in an electronic form @ https://uslugi.tatarstan.ru/ and in the authentic (printed) form to the Ministry of Education and Science of Tatarstan Republic. GRIAT administration will inform you of all the necessary documents. Make sure that all the documents are provided by February 1!


It is the beginning of another academic semester. This is the time when you have to prepare and pass an international exam in the English Language: IELTS or TOEFL. Start training for an interview in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan and attend a special consultation where all the basic principles and strategies for presenting one’s best during the interview are explained and advised.


The interviews for obtaining the “Algarysh” grant in the Ministry of Education and Science of Tatarstan Republic are held. This is also the time when you get your examination results.


Get the interview results and sign an agreement on the “Algarysh” grant receiving with the RT Ministry of Education and Science.


This is time when studetns can start applying for the admission to study at German universities. Applicants should register at official websites of the selected partner-universities, fill in the suggested on-line application forms and upload the admission documents required by partner-universities in Germany (check the universities’ web-sites).


Get a study invitation or Zulassung from the selected partner-university and proceed with applying for the visa to Germany (student type of visa): book a date for the submission of visa documents to the German Embassy in Moscow and start preparing and translating the visa documents at https://shengenrt.ru/visa. The GRIAT Administration  will always help, support and advise you on all the necessary information in this respect.


After all the documents are translated into English, they can be finally submitted to the German Embassy in Moscow. Before receiving the Shengen visa students should make sure that they book a room in a student dormitory at a German partner-university before they leave for Germany.


You’ve reached the final stage: start getting ready for you trip and studies in Germany! Read the universities’ instructions for foreign students and orientation information. Make sure that your room in the home university’s dormitory is kept until your arrival: for this please write an official request. Take the certified copies of student mark books from the dean’s offices. Arrange the rest of the documents needed for studies abroad.


Quick contacts: 

Address: 18a Chetaeva Street, office 412 

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM 
E-mail: griat@kai.ru 
Phone: +7 (843) 231-16-19 

Address: 18a Chetaeva Street, office 416 
Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM 
E-mail: icd@kai.ru 
Phone: +7 (843) 231-16-23 

Address: 55 Bolshaya Krasnaya, Office 122 
Phone: +7 (843) 231-00-27 

Address: 95 Orenburgsky Trakt, Universiade Village 
Website: www.studpolik.ru 
Phone: +7 (843) 237-99-56 

Address: 18 Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, KAI Dormitory #2 
Phone: +7 (843) 231-01-65

First steps to do at GRIAT: 
✓ Get your group number, student badge and record book by the dean of your department 
✓ Check your study schedule online on the webpage of KNRTU-KAI: www.kai.ru/info/students/schedule.php 
✓ Provide the GRIAT Administration your email address for mailing to nearby activities within institute Emergencies FIRE EMERGENCY 01 POLICE 02 AMBULANCE 03 RESCUE SERVICE 112 If you have a medical emergency – immediately address the dormitory administration to call “112” (mobile) or “03” (landline) for the ambulance. Emergency medical assistance is free for everyone in Russia. Off campus Off the International Students Office hours, in case of emergency either address the dormitory administration or the police directly. Follow basic precautions that would apply to living in any big city: 

• Always have a copy of your passport with visa, and the original registration on you 

• Watch out for pickpockets in crowded places 

• Keep an eye on your luggage while travelling 

• Store your valuables (money, credit cards) in a wallet in zipped pockets (on clothes or in a bag) • Always know how you will get home late at night (the time of the last train/bus or the telephone number of a reputable taxi service) 

• Do not react to verbal abuse/invitations 

• Do not stay late at night in an isolated place with people you do not know



Student dormitories


Student dormitory № 3:
Leo Tolstoi str., 15

Number of living rooms-112

"L.Tolstoi str." stop



Student dormitory № 5:
Nikolai Ershov str., 30

Number of living rooms-198

"Abzhalilov str." stop

Третье здание


Student dormitory № 7:
Tovarischeskaja str., 30а

Number of living rooms-210

"Kalinin str." stop


Views from the inside: