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Centre for German language at GRIAT

- organizes events on German traditions and modern cultural life in Germany;

- offers a conversation in German club and a German music club for KAI students one time per month;

- provides consultation on questions of education, research or study visits and funding of education in Germany and informs about grant programs of the DAAD;

- provides information materials for German teachers and KAI students learning German;

- establishes a little library with learning materials.


Events on German traditions and modern cultural life in Germany:

November 2015

Musical lecture "GEMEINSAM-ВМЕСТЕ / ПРОЕКТ Д": musical lecture with bilingual text excerpts written by young authors from Germany from Dresden and talk with students about the aims of the organization.

February 2016

Workshop on carnival in Germany:  What is this Karneval or Fasching about, what is important in the so called fifth season? Lecture with films. A carnival party is planned to celebrate this remarkable tradition also in Kazan.


German conversation club

Language needs practice! We meet to talk together in German about different topics. Open for all KAI students learning German.


German music club

Sing along German songs! Music can help to learn languages, so bring your instruments or join a karaoke session. We listen to contemporary music from Germany, try to sing them, work on the lyrics and discuss them. After some training we may even give a concert, but mainly it’s about learning German with fun! Open for all KAI students learning German.