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Industry Contacts

Obtaining a German Master degree, you are allowed to stay in Germany for 1.5 years after graduation to get a job. Due to the very high demand for engineers, you will easily be able to find a well-paid job either in Russia (10.000-20.000 EUR/year) or in Germany (50.000-90.000 EUR/year). Wherever you want to live and whether you want to go on with your PhD studies or work in the industry, we will support you in getting employed with the help of our worldwide network of universities and industry companies

Graduates in Industry


Graduates in Research

  • Simulation and Measurement of Heat Transfer in the Agitated Bed of a Rotary Kiln
  • Automatic identification of cardiac arrhythmias
  • Infocommunication traffic control system
  • Quadrocopters control system
  • Development of self-cleaning heat transfer surfaces
  • Optimal control of hybrid power plant
  • Integrated development environment for cloud-based web builder systems