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Industry Partners

In 2015 “Siemens” LLC became GRIAT’s partner with its representative office in the Russian Federation. KNRTU-KAI had been cooperating with “Siemens” since the Cooperation Agreement was signed in November 2015.

In April of 2016 Bodo Ramelow during his visit to Tatarstan opened a German-Russian Engineering Center to promote industrial ties between the Free State of Thuringia and the Republic of Tatarstan. The Thuringia Engineering Center was created at KNRTU-KAI jointly with the Agency for Economic Development of Thuringia (LEG Thueringen) and two other partners: Kazan GiproNiiAviapprom JSC, Technopark for Industrial Technologies JSC – KNIAT Innovation and Technological Center with the aim of providing  technological support  and modernization of the existing and new Russian industrial enterprises.

In addition to it GRIAT has partner agreements  with  KUKA Robotics, Eidos Robotics, Technomatics with support of KUKA Roboter GmbH  in the field of joint research, experimental, design and technological activities; development and creation of automation solutions based on orders of machinery engineering enterprises; elaboration of teaching and learning aids for an efficient educational process, etc.

There is a constant interaction of GRIAT with the industry on all levels.  First, GRIAT trains highly competitive alumni who speak fluent English, have decent German language skills, know the educational standards of German and Russian systems, familiar with expectations and requirements for engineers in both countries, have experience living abroad and are able to work in multilingual and multicultural environments, are ready to continue their education anywhere in the world – thus, they are the best candidates for being hired by international companies or German and Russian companies doing business with foreign countries. GRIAT’s graduates promote the best engineering standards, are more open than others to work with partners/customers/clients from both countries in their jobs

GRIAT also educates students to become future ambassadors in respective countries, to support the penetration of educational, research and industrial activities from Germany into Russia, and vice versa.

GRIAT systematically invites industry representatives to give open lectures to GRIAT students and faculty to familiarize them with their companies, promote their services and products and to attract the best graduates to their companies. It regularly organizes various tours to company facilities, manufacturing plants and workshops

GRIAT welcomes opening company’s research centers or labs in GRIAT facilities as well as making use of company’s facilities to carry out educational and research activities.