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Library of German Center

In the „Mediathek“ of the German Centre of GRIAT you can find a wide range of content. Of course you can find books that are adapted especially for beginners and thus written in an easy language. Despite that there is a broad selection of current German literature and Films available.

Many of the movies are come with Russian subtitles. So there is no excuse for not having a nice cinema evening at home with friends, Popcorn, Chips, and - a German Movie.

The Mediathek is also an interesting place for everyone who wants to get in contact with German culture, history and literature. You may not have the adequate German level to read German literature in German – but why not getting an overview and some recommendations from a „real German“ to help you find a great piece of German literature? Here our language Assistant Adrian comes into play. A real lover of everything that looks, feels and smells like a book, he is the ideal person to help you out.

Just buy a Russian translation of „Franz Kafka“, „Thomas Mann“ or „Juli Zeh“, that he recommended to you, fall in love with German literature, keep on learning the German language and some day you will find yourself reading a great German author in his or her mother tongue.

This journey starts nowhere but in the „Mediathek“ of the German Centre at GRIAT that can be visited every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30 to 14:00 O’clock in the eight building in Room 513.

You can also arrange a date via E-Mail. Just write to: abir@kai.ru