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GRIAT Summer School 2018


Wings for Life: Discovering Engineering Kazan from the Supersonic TU-144

Would you like to experience engineering Kazan? Did you know that the 1st ever supersonic aircraft  TU-144 was produced in Russia? Do you know that 1 out of 6 remaining ones is on KNRTU-KAI campus and will soon become an on-board interactive museum? If, so, you have a chance to become part of legendary aviation history and join the Summer School in Kazan to learn about 3D and additive manufacturing technologies while developing 3D CAD models of TU-144 components. The best ones will be displayed in the TU-144 Interactive museum to be opened in December 31, 2018. While focused on laser technologies and robotics, Summer School participants will get acquainted with the state of the art engineering facilities in all major engineering fields in Kazan – electrical, mechanical and aircraft engineering, IT, composite and nanotechnologies and much more. The program includes visits to major companies and industry complexes of Kazan, production units and research institutes of KNRTU-KAI, engineering centers and research labs in the German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies (GRIAT), one of KNRTU-KAI’s institutes.
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