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Culture and Sports Center "KAI-Olymp"


The main fields of activities

Assistance in educating and training of harmoniously developed highly-qualified specialists prepared by the higher vocational school Kazan National research technical university named after A.N. Tupolev;

Maintenance and development of the facilities and resources for conducting classes in physical education for students, conducting university sports, cultural and educational events;

Creation of conditions for preservation of students, teachers and other KNRTU-KAI employees’ health;

Satisfying needs of students, post graduates, professors, university staff and also other citizens in getting paid services in the area of physical training and sport, art and culture.



CSC "KAI OLYMP" is one of the biggest sports facilities in Kazan and Russia. It was constructed on the territory of the future "KAI City" specially for the Universiade 2013. During the Universiade 2013 competitions in basketball, football, water polo and also a training course in track and field athletics were conducted on the sports grounds of the CSC "KAI OLYMP".

"KAI OLYMP" comprises:

  • A universal gym (4000 m2) was opened in 2007 and includes an event hall (32х48 m), a fitness center (500 m2), a hall for marital arts with a ring (18х24 m). At the present moment teams in handball, a game of five-a-side and boxing are training in the universal gym.
  • A roofed swimming pool (11000 m2) with a swimming-bath (50х25 m) which was solemnly opened in May 2010  - is one of the best European roofed swimming pools also possessing an event hall (840 m2)
  • Gym (220 m2) with a sauna
  • A football stadium for 1500 spectators. FIFA inspectors were present at its opening. Now football cross-function teams are training at the stadium.

At CSC "KAI OLYMP" sports grounds instructors of Kazan Youth Sports Schools train children and teenagers in basketball, handball, football, floorball and many other kinds of sport.



Competitions of all levels – city, republican, all-Russian, European and even international level are successfully conducted at CSC "KAI OLYMP":

  • in swimming and diving;
  • in water polo;
  • in basketball and football;
  • in floorball and other sports.


At the European Championship in diving 3 world records were set up at CSC "KAI OLYMP". FISU, FINA and FIFA evaluation commissions gave high marks to the conditions and the organizational level of work at CSC "KAI OLYMP". According to FISU the activity management at "KAI OLYMP" concerning the operation and maintenance of the sports complex is on the highest European level.



Phone: (843) 562-03-85


Address: Kazan, Chistopolskaya street, 67