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GRIAT Student Council

President: Alina Yakupova

Contacts: linaernestovna@gmail.com

               tel.: +7 (967) 362 36 23

The basic mission of GRIAT Student Council is to unite all GRIAT students, provide a supporting system for
academic and extra-curricular activities, create the GRIAT spirit, give suggestions to GRIAT
administration on making improvements in GRIAT, plan special GRIAT events, activities, etc.

The tasks of the Student Council at GRIAT are 
- to inform students about university activities;
- to unite all GRIAT students and create the GRIAT spirit;
- to plan the calendar of events for the Student Council;
- to strenghen inter-university, inter-regional and international relations (supporting international GRIAT studetns, international delegations, attending conferences,etc.);
- to protect and represent the rights and interests of students, to evaluate and offer feedback to GRIAT;
- to assist in solving the educational, social and other issues affecting the students' interests in Kazan and Germany;
- to form a positive image of GRIAT among students and the general public, help with GRIAT marketing activities.

GRIAT Student Council  regularly arranges teambuilding and social events, conducts a survey of students’ opinions, thus assisting the GRIAT Administration to enhance an educational process and  perform efficient coordination.