Communication and Signal Processing

Alexey Korobkov

PhD - 2002, Associate Professor, 

work experience since 2002

Field of Expertise Signal Processing, Statistics Methods of Signal Processing
Lectures taught

Digital signal processing (for bachelors and 5,5 years students)

Digital signal processors in communication systems (for master students)

Digital transfer systems (for master students)

Advanced digital signal processing 

Contact Details AAKorobkov@kai.ru


Artur Gaysin 

Master of Engineering - 2007, Kazan state technical university named after A.N. Tupolev

6 years of work experience

Field of Expertise Coverage analysis, Optimization and QoS measurement in Mobile Networks; Selforganization of mobile communication systems 
Lectures taught

Switching and routing info-communication systems; Networks and data transmission system; Integrated communication system; Network technology high speed data transmission; Mobile data transmission system 

at GRIAT: Mobile Communications (Communication and Signal processing); Mobile Communications (Embedded System)

Contact Details AKGaysin@kai.ru



Olga Vladimirovna Potapova

Associated Professor / PhD

Work experience since 1999

Field of Expertise Antennas, EMC in radio-electronics, focused antenna in radio physics and related fields, flying vehicle antennas and EMS
Lectures taught

Guiding systems in telecommunications; Electromagnetic compatibility

at GRIAT: Theory of electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic equipment and systems

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Stanislav Sedov

Associate professor - 2004, Kazan state technical university named after A.N. Tupolev

PhD -1998, Kazan state technical university named after A.N. Tupolev

Work experience since 1999

Field of Expertise Methods and algorithms of electro cardio signal processing (ECG) for detection and the analysis the low amplitude potentials of ECG to get the estimation of a human heart state 
Lectures taught

General Theory of Communication; Theory of Electric Communication

at GRIAT: Theory of the construction of information and communication networks and systems

Contact Details SSSedov@kai.ru