Systems Engineering and Engineering Cybernetics 

Boris Starostin 

Ph.D. (2007) KNRTU-KAI

work experience since 1987 at KAI and since 2015 at GRIAT


Field of Expertise

Information systems, programming, mathematical modeling,

automation control systems, learning systems  

Lectures taught

Mathematical modeling of objects and control systems

Computer technologies of control in technical systems

Modeling of control systems, Satellite navigation systems

Basis of design of automation control systems of energy supply

Automated information control systems

Information networks and telecommunications 

at GRIAT:  Mathematical modeling

Computer technologies of control in technical systems

Contact Details BAStarostin@kai.ru

Polina Lazareva

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, 2011, KNRTU-KAI 

Work experience since 2011.

Field of Expertise

Optimal control, intelligent control, flight control 

Lectures taught

Methods of optimal control theory

Numerical optimization methods

Flight control, Automatic control systems

Computer and information technologies in science and poduction 

at GRIAT: Methods of optimal control theory

Contact Details PALazareva@kai.ru

Alexander Malikov

Professor Engineering education Doctoral dissertation -1998, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Kazan National Research Technical University, Kazan, (1999)

Work Experience since 1988 

Field of Expertise

System Analysis, Control Theory, Computer Science

Development of Theoretical Methods for the Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with uncertainties, parametric and structural changes

State Estimation, Dynamic analysis, control and observers design

Applications in mechatronics, robotic, electric power systems 

Lectures taught

Programming and algorithmization bases

Modern problems of control theory

at GRIAT: Modern problems of control theory 2. Modern applied control theory

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Rustem Fayzutdinov

Ph.D. (1995) KNRTU-KAI 

work experience since 1987

Field of Expertise

Synthesis of trajectories to intercept dangerous space objects

Development of an indicative energy saving process control methods 

Lectures taught

Computer science, Simulation of control systems

Technical equipment of industrial automation

Computer-aided design

at GRIAT: Computer-aided design of control means and systems 

Contact Details RNFayzutdinov@kai.ru


Andrei Makhanko

Ph.D. (2007) KNRTU-KAI 

16 years of work experience

Field of Expertise Microprocessor control and data acquisition systems
Lectures taught

Computing machines and networks

Microprocessor-based device control systems

 Automatic control system - Electronics and electrical engineering 

Computer science

at GRIAT: Design of digital control systems of mobile objects

Contact Details AVMakhanko@kai.ru