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Gagarin Science Conference

22.02.2019 00:00

XLV International Youth Science conference (MAI, Moscow). Applications for participation are submitted by February 22, 2019.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) will hold XLV International Gagarin Science Conference on April 16-19, 2019.

Students, graduate students, young scientists, employees of aerospace enterprises under the age of 27 years (inclusively) are invited to participate in the conference. Also within the framework of the conference there will be a school section and a section for international students (in English).

The conference is held in the following scientific areas:

  • Aviation systems;
  • Aviation, rocket engines and power installations;
  • Control systems, informatics and power engineering 
  • Information and telecommunication technologies of aviation, rocket and space systems;
  • Economics and management at enterprises of aerospace complex;
  • Rocket and space systems;
  • Robotics, intelligent systems and aircraft armament;
  • Mathematical methods in aerospace science and technology
  • New materials and production technologies in the field of aviation, rocket and space technology;
  • School session "Young scientist."
  • International Session (in English).

To participate in the XLV Gagarin Science Conference, it is necessary before February 22, 2019 (inclusive) to fill an application form for participation and send abstracts on the website.

All materials will be checked for plagiarism (RuContext system). Originality must be at least 70%. Abstracts that do not meet this requirement will be sent for revision or rejected. For publication are not accepted materials that do not correspond to the subject of the conference or the rules of registration, as well as submitted in violation of the established procedure. Abstracts without applications are not considered. The Organizing Committee informs the contact authors about the receipt of abstracts by e-mail specified in the application. In the absence of confirmation (due to possible technical failures), theses and the application must be sent again. A conference participant can be the contact author of only one report and the co-author of no more than two other reports.

Abstracts are available in electronic form on the conference website with all output data in * .pdf format. A collection of abstracts will be posted in the Russian Science Citation Index

For all questions regarding participation in the conference, please contact the Organizing Committee:

 +7 (977) 540 05 57 Marina Igorevna, +7 (499) 158 16 97 Raisa Galeevna, e-mail: gagarin.mai@gmail.com