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Let’s create “Technopolis” together!


We are introducing the new educational complex – “Technopolis”.

We invite employees, students and graduates of KNRTU-KAI, as well as everyone who wants to develop scientific and technological creativity, to join the project of the educational complex - “Technopolis”.

“Technopolis” offers various forms of interaction, including writing educational programs and teaching children.

Contact information: 8 (927) 454-31-37 (Ilfir Abdullin), INAbdullin@kai.ru.

About the project:

“Technopolis” is an interactive space that integrates various forms of additional education for pupils in the field of physical-mathematical sciences, engineering and technical creativity.

The educational complex includes three structural elements:

1. The world's only interactive educational center for aviation and technology based on the first supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144. It consists of an airplane itself, a building adjacent and specially designed area. Inside the complex, there are four theme areas: aircraft engineering, helicopter engineering, engine design and space activities, there also a retro-display hall, an interactive cockpit, and an aerospace quantorium.

2) The Engineering Lyceum Boarding School of KNRTU-KAI. The mission of the lyceum is to educate future technological leaders of the 21st century, fostering their physical and emotional health. The Engineering Lyceum has also the project area of ​​about 800 sq. m., equipped with the most modern devices, which allow young scientists to implement any high-tech initiatives.

3) The Science and Technology Laboratory “Technarium” will be located in the center of Kazan, right on the bank of the Kazanka River (the former ski lodge of KNRTU-KAI). “Technarium” is the place for the practical classes in field of design and construction of actual gliders, unmanned aerial vehicles, river and sea-going vessels, their engines, navigation and control systems. During their design and implementation, the most modern technologies of the XXI century, such as digital, composite, additive and quantum technologies will be used. “Technarium” is expected to be the new version of the well-known student design bureau KAI-1, which was popular in the Soviet period.

The goal of the “Technarium” is to develop cognitive interests in technical creativity and aeromodelling: to create the necessary conditions for formation of human behavior.

During their training, pupils has the opportunity to obtain a profound knowledge of the basics of aerodynamics, aviation technology and modelling. Moreover, they can learn to read blueprints, acquire communication skills during their classes in the laboratory and different competitions as well.

The project is being established with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation.

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