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If you take advantage of educational opportunities offered by GRIAT, you'll have incredible prospects in the professional career!

Double degrees in only two-years! GRIAT students get their German and Russian Master of Science degrees just after 4 semesters of study. So studying at GRIAT not only saves your money, it saves the most important resource in life, which is time!

Another benefit of studying at GRIAT is, that our graduates leave the institute as Polyglots. All GRIAT courses are exclusively taught in the English Language. But GRIAT students are also offered an opportunity to learn and enhance their language skills in German. So at the end of their study our students can fluently speak English and acquire basic language skills in German. Together with their native languages - Russian and Tatar, the graduates are equipped with several commonly-used languages of the world. To know many languages is nowadays a must-have for engineers. In the globalized world, the companies are connected over country borders, many companies are global players with their representatives spread all over the globe.

After completion of studies at GRIAT our graduates are capable of working worldwide and their German-Russian double degree gives them the legal right to do it – German and Russian MSc degrees are accepted in any country of the world! So if GRIAT graduates decide to go and work abroad  they don’t have to get reeducated.

All educational facilities at GRIAT are provided with state-of-the-art equipment. GRIAT is equipped with new and up-to-date technical devices. Thus, SIEMENS Company opened three new laboratories at GRIAT: big data lab, automatization lab and electrical engineering lab.

GRIAT has very high qualified teaching staff. Our students are educated by Russian and German professors. Over the first two semesters of MSc studies 14 German professors come to GRIAT to deliver lectures and seminars. Only up-to-date teaching and learning aids are used in an educational process at GRIAT – a combination of the best teaching experience from Russia and Germany!